Cheap Ass Monday: Trois Varietes de Nourriture Surplus

Sometimes I’m amazed at the brain’s ability to retain information.  Like this: the last time I studied or spoke any French was my sophomore year of college. That was roughly 12 years ago.* Yet I only had to look up 3 of the 5 words in the post title, and I’m almost 70% sure it says what I want it to say.** Sometimes I amaze even myself.  For my next trick, I will keep 15 plates spinning while playing the score to La Traviata on the recorder.

*OH MY GOD.  And I’m starting to go white, for real; you don’t have to search around my scalp for those suckers anymore, they’re IN YOUR FACE.  Because I am a thousand.

**Don’t correct me. Let me live the dream.

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I didn't have a single drink, ocifer.

Sometimes Smackdowns don’t work out as well as I’d like and that’s okay, I love them all just the same.  Well, except for this one. Oh, and this one; this one was just the nastiest one of the year and I repudiate it completely.  But all the other ones, I love just the same.  Especially when they leave me with leftover custard sauce.  Because what is leftover custard sauce, really, other than inchoate ice cream waiting to be made into ice cream?

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