Food and kitchenware loving peoples of the world, I think we’re going off the rails on a bit of a crazy train.

A foodie-type email list to which I subscribed recently commended the Herriott Grace e-shop to me, and while browsing it, I found this spoon.

I read the listing very carefully, noting that the TWO HUNDRED AND FORTY DOLLAR price tag is for a single spoon only, meaning that this spoon costs $18.46 per inch.

No where in the listing did it indicate that:

  1. This spoon was carved from a piece of the True Cross.
  2. This spoon was carved from a branch pruned from the White Tree of Gondor.
  3. This spoon comes with a trained monkey butler.

Thus, I am forced to conclude that this spoon cannot rightfully command its $240 price tag, and respectfully suggest that the people who think the cost is somehow justified disclose what it is that they are smoking. Would that I could partake of the magical drug that would allow me to sleep at night knowing I made my living selling a spoon that costs the equivalent of 33.1 hours, or roughly 4.1 days, of minimum-wage labor. Also, doing all this math makes me cranky.

In other words:

Dear Herriott Grace,

Seriously? That’s fucked up.