Won’t you please, please cheese me?

After Thursday night’s meat-o-rama, I didn’t eat for most of the day. I wasn’t stuffed from the night before, am not dieting and didn’t feel sick; my body just didn’t feel the need to eat for a while after, and with good reason. I decided to trust my gut (my literal gut, not my figurative one) and let it go until it sent me a memo re: when it would like to eat. Around 2pm, my gut decided that a cup of butternut squash soup was the way to go, prompting the rest of my body to have some delivered to the office so I wouldn’t have to schlep anywhere in the freezing rain (God bless New York City). Unfortunately, my gut’s eyes (figuratve) were larger than its stomach (literal), and we weren’t yet ready for that amount of nutrition.

My gut next decided to seek out food at around 9:45pm. Still wanting to stay on the lighter side of things, I made a big green salad with the rest of the lovely red lettuce and apple reduction dressing from Thursday. I wanted something else to go with it, but wanted to stay meatless. The perfect solution: a grilled cheese sandwich.

This couldn’t be just any grilled cheese sandwich, since it had to hold its own against the most exciting salad ever. So I went with some hearty, grainy Alameda sprouted-grain bread, a little farmhouse cheddar, and some Major Grey’s mango chutney to add a little something extra and pick up on the sweetness of the salad dressing.

It was a damn fine sandwich. I’m not going to write out a recipe, because, you know, it’s a grilled cheese sandwich. But you should make it.

Coming soon: a dumpling roundup, snacks for the anti-Super Bowl (a marathon of movies starring Olympia Dukakis, you know you want to come), and World Nutella Day.