The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries!

Tiny martini glasses: cute presentation, or painfully twee?*

A few weeks ago, The Kitchn highlighted an old Bon Appetit recipe for wine-marinated grapes. Because while fruit is tasty on its own, it is almost always improved by being soaked in booze.

I was immediately drawn to this recipe – if you can call it that, it’s so simple I don’t know if it rises to the level of “recipe” – because frozen grapes have always been one of my favorite summer snacks. And if I love frozen grapes, and soaking grapes in booze will make them better, then Newton’s 5th Transitive Rule of Snacks dictates that wine-soaked, frozen grapes should be fan-fucking-tastic. Newton’s actual words.

*Even though I took these photos, I’m going to have to go with “twee.”

It seems odd to marinate a grape, doesn’t it? Seeing as how they’re totally encased in, you know, skin.

Bon Appetit had to add some auxiliary ingredients to the grapes, because they know they can’t pass off a “recipe” for wine-marinated grapes that literally contains only wine and grapes. I mean, they have to convince people to pay for the magazine containing these recipes, right? So they threw in some sugar and lemon zest.

So, into a large pitcher went a bottle of white wine, a pound and a half of seedless green grapes, a few tablespoons of zest and a quarter-cup of sugar. I freely admit that I had no idea what kind of wine it was, other than “white wine that someone once brought to a party and we never ended up drinking.” Looking at the bottle now I see that it was a 2006 California Sauvignon Blanc, for those for whom that means something.

These grapes are WASTED.

I let my grapes sit in the fridge for 24 hours, occasionally shaking the pitcher to make myself feel like I was actually doing something. After the soak, I scooped the grapes out of the pitcher, tossed them with a few more tablespoons of sugar and stuck them in the freezer. The wine, I poured back into its original bottle, corked up and put in the fridge.

The tiny glasses! The rectangular plate! Squeee!

The grapes took but a few hours to freeze, so later that night I was munching on them and drinking a sweet wine spritzer made from the marinade.

There’s a reason that Newton guy is so famous – these grapes are really fucking good. The booze is more pronounced if you don’t freeze them (I’d tasted a few before leaving them to chill), but the frozen version still has a hint of the wine, along with a boozey, sweet, sticky coating that really puts them over the top. The lemon zest really cuts through as well, adding a contrasting bright note as well as a complementary floral one.


Much as I enjoy the grapes, the leftover wine marinade is my favorite part. You wouldn’t think that grapes could impart additional flavor to something that’s already made from grapes, but you’d be wrong. They lend their fresh fruit flavor in a subtle but noticeable way, and along with the lemon turn the wine into a very light sangria that is fantastically refreshing with a splash of club soda. On one hand, I want to invite a bunch of people over for a garden party and serve these cocktails; on the other, I want to horde all the wine for myself. It’s that good.

The non-frozen grapes would be a great addition to the munchies for a cocktail party or fruit and cheese plate, while the frozen versions beg to be plunked into a glass of champagne. You could easily mix the “recipe” up by varying the type of wine, type of grape, type of citrus or amount of flavoring; adding fresh herbs – maybe some rosemary? – to the marinade could also be really good and would definitely make for an intriguing cocktail.

I’m not going to write out an actual recipe because really, if you can’t figure it out from the description or the link, then you’ve already had enough to drink and probably should be staying away from additional alcoholic beverages.

59 thoughts on “The Snozzberries Taste Like Snozzberries!

  1. Holy crap, so, like, you live in Jersey, and I live in Bay Ridge which is close to Jersey, which means, I could be there in like 30 minutes and we could be sippin’ spritzers and sittin’ on your porch by like, sundown and shiz, right? Just kidding, I don’t have a car (yet). ;-)

  2. You’re right, that will go great for a party. It’s like Jello shots for grown ups or people that are too classy for Mr. Boston. Any reason to have wine is a good one.

  3. Wow. Ingenious. I’ve always been partial to a frozen grape (it’s like they become their own sorbet) but never had the brains to think of soaking them in wine. And how cool that the wine itself becomes even tastier. Will have to try this sometime when it’s not bucketing down with rain.

  4. You’re right, frozen grapes are fantastic, I don’t know why I don’t do it more often :) I was actually waiting for your description of the rebottled wine, I knew it was gonna be good :)

  5. ann, exactly right. 2 trains, 45 minutes, and we could be two tipsy biddies sitting in the garden.

    adam, what’s mr. boston? i’m not classy, i need to know.

    laura, why wait? frozen booze grapes perk up a rainy day.

    courtney, i know you’ll love it!

    manggy, it’s so good…i may have had a wine spritzer with breakfast over the weekend. don’t tell.

  6. I’ve never commented before, although I love your blog. And the cussing, of course.

    So. Anyway. I’m going to make these snozzberries for an upcoming bridal shower I agreed to host (possibly when I was under the influence, but that’s neither here nor there) in a fit of do-goodishness. But now I feel the need to McSnoot this bridal shower up, but good, turn this town on its redneck ear, so these grapes are hitting the menu. :-D

  7. Hey Michelle, Thanks for stopping by my place. Anyone who praises my kids in any way gets an A in my book. Seeing them soak fruit in boozes boosts that to an A+. Cool blog. Will read mor!

  8. It’s almost like a mother-child reunion -grapes and wine.

    I could serve this at a party, but the guests would never get any, unless I was too blitzed from drinking the grapey wine that I had trouble reaching the marinated grapes.

  9. robbi, thanks for breaking the silence! these will be an excellent bridal party treat – delicate, but laden with booze.

    christine, excellent.

    evil chef, my favorite line is “good day, sir. I SAID GOOD DAY!” i say it ALL THE TIME. in case you were wondering, i’m a LOT of fun to be around.

    jennie, thanks and welcome!

    rachel, which may well be the case. like i said, i drank some for breakfast. so chances are, you’ll be smashed.

    carolyn, heh.

    jodi, duly noted.

  10. Frozen grapes are a wonderful (and ridiculously simple) treat, but I never thought about marinating them. But I can’t help but wonder about using a flavored vodka instead. Hrm. Do grape and citrus flavors mix well? Only one way to find out!

  11. Thank you for stopping by, mostly because I came to visit you and was greeted by booze soaked fruit. …and, its disguised as fancy a fancy treat. Can’t get any better than that. I’ll be back, for sure!

  12. Haha. Mr. Boston is part of the ‘college level’ quality of alcohol. I want to say it’s something like $10 for a 1.5 liter of vodka or gin… which is nice and cheap… but the hangover headaches after are bad and expensive.

  13. So, I’ve done frozen blueberries, and frozen bananas, and of course the ol’ watermelon saturated with vodka. But this I’ve never done, and damn it, if it doesn’t sound awesome! I’ve having a little shin dig on the 4th and I think this recipe will be making it’s debut at my house on that date.
    Thanks for a great idea – and good photos.

  14. lesley, it could be tasty with all kinds of booze, although i wouldn’t let the grapes sit in hard liquor for as long as i’d marinate them in wine.

    sharon, welcome, and i’m glad you dig it here!

    adam, gotcha. maybe i don’t need to know about that.

    christie, seriously, it’s worth it for the wine alone.

    wendy, thanks!

    erinn, you know, i’ve never done the vodka melon. i might have to do *that* for the 4th.

    erin, true dat.

    appetite, i guarantee you’ll enjoy it, or your money back.

    marc, i might try a different kind of booze with concord grapes. doing this with sake could also be really tasty.

  15. These look incredible! I’ve got my own twist on these marinating in the fridge right now. I’ll let you know how they turn out!

  16. johnsonia, make ’em! do it tonight! you won’t be worry!

    andrea, join the club.

    ali, what’s your twist? i wanna know!

  17. Brilliant idea! I freeze grapes all the time in the Summer when it gets too hot to eat anything else. Never ever would have thought of marinating them first. I’m kinda surprised that they take up the marinade.. on account of yknow, the skins. But I’m definitely going to try this!

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  20. “Because while fruit is tasty on its own, it is almost always improved by being soaked in booze.”

    Do you actually believe that? or are you just trying to be funny?

  21. you guys are sick! i can’t believe some of the comments that have been posted here!
    it’s just snozzleberries, guys!
    and to think that you could find such disgusting things to say, it’s no wonder this world is headed downhill fast!

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  23. Thank you for stopping by, mostly because I came to visit you and was greeted by booze soaked fruit. …and, its disguised as fancy a fancy treat. Can’t get any better than that. I’ll be back, for sure!

  24. stumbled onto this, told my mom about it, and now we’re actually trying this shit. it looks awesome

    we’ll find out tomorrow

  25. I made these the other night, without freezing them. They are fabulous! I don’t think I can go back to eating grapes the normal way…

  26. Just stumbled upon this. Looks awesome, great post! Can’t wait to surprise the wife with these. Thanks for sharing!

  27. stumbled this and I have to say that seeing “the snozzberries taste like snozzberries” at the very top made me continue reading. over all..thought the post was pretty bad ass. I do believe I will continue explore now.
    oh..and the “omgponies” made my night

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  29. Shut your face! I LOVE this site thus far. Grapes are currently marinating while I read your obnoxiously great posting. I wint hold it against you but You did forget one ingredient…the second bottle of wine. What am I supposed to drink until tomorrow? Lol

  30. Thinking of doing this with grape juice or a similar non-alcoholic juice for a kids Christmas party….would it work? May try a test batch…Great idea!

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  32. Recently I attended a Pinterest Party. Ordinarliy I would not appreciate/enjoy a party for which I receive prerequisite homework. Each guest would bring one EDIBLE and one MAKEABLE item found…of course…on Pinterest. While I opted for the Vodka Gummy Bears as my ‘pinned’ food contribution (I rightly forecasted that the Vodka would enhance the success of my craft :D) I pinned your Drunken Grapes as well.

    I must say, I liked reading your post almost as much as I expect to enjoy the grapes!

    Thanks for the post.

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  34. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this post. Probably almost as much as I will enjoy these boozy grapes at my annual cookie exchange this weekend. Best pin in a while! Thanks for the laughs, and the “recipe.”

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