Gentle readers, I have a question for you on the direction of the blog. On one hand, it’s my blog, and it’s gonna go where it damn well pleases. On the other, I like to maintain the facade of caring what you think.

So: as of late, I’ve noticed that my posts are more like posts about random shit I feel like talking about with some food thrown in, as opposed to posts that are really about food. I may keep that up, because it’s kinda fun. Your reaction?

  1. I like posts about food when I’m on a food blog.
  2. I like some opinion with my food.
  3. I like curse words and don’t really care what the post is about.
  4. I like big butts, and I cannot lie.
  5. I like big butts, but am an inveterate dissembler.
  6. I like it like that.
  7. Other.

Please to leave your response in the comments along with anything else you’d care to say.

And because it’s Monday, here’s a mirror in the shape of Washington state that costs $1100.

PS: I encourage you all to cast your vote, even you non-commenters. Thanks!