By far, the best fortune I ever got out of a fortune cookie was: “Don’t worry about it, we all have flaws.” Reassuring!

These days, I mostly get aphorisms that aren’t fortunes at all. As a nation, our fortune cookie writers are experiencing a severe decline.

But these porcelain fortune cookies contain fortunes written by ACTUAL PSYCHICS, as opposed to those generated by the Acme Corp. Prognosto-5000 Automatic Fortune Generating Machine and Cappuccino Maker. I want to have a big bowl of them on the table during my next dinner party (by which I mean “my first dinner party,” because I never throw dinner parties).  I wonder if all the fortunes are upbeat, or if someone will end up with something realistic, like “The canker sore on your bottom lip will negatively impact the blind date you finally agreed to after your sister nagged you for years about her co-worker’s brother,” or “Sorry your cat died. Maybe you should get home now.”