And so, after a scant two and a half weeks of unbearable pain, the mystery is solved. I am filled both with profound relief, and with the urge to climb to the top of a mountain and yell, “SUCK IT, DOCTORS.”

Obviously that urge will go unfulfilled because (1) I’m in too much pain to be gallivanting around climbing mountains and (2) I’m pretty sure the nearest high point around here is a landfill anyway.

Why am I in pain? BECAUSE MY L5 AND S1 DISCS ARE PRESSING AGAINST THE NERVE SAC IN MY SPINAL COLUMN, MOTHERFUCKERS. Interested parties will note that the pain is NOT caused by a urinary tract infection, a kidney infection, a kidney stone or an errant muscle spasm, as various physicians have espoused and I have never totally believed. My friend the Chief of Neurology – who I am officially elevating to Bestie – advises that I just need to manage the pain for a little while and the problem should resolve itself. BOO-YAH.

Moving on: you’d think that will all my down time this week I would’ve been able to store up quite a cache of interesting links to share today, but I’ve been in thrall to Pinterest. It’s like Awesome Shit I Want Monday gone wild up in there. If you’re there, I invite you to join me. If you feel like the internet isn’t already sucking enough of your life away and want an invite, leave a comment.

Thanks for all the good wishes and crossed fingers!