Don’t worry, no wizened rail-riders full of life lessons were killed in the making of this post, so don’t go tattling to the authorities like a squealer.  But I DO have a secret to share.

Despite the fact that you all are, for the most part, a bunch of total strangers, I feel odd keeping secrets from you. Yet here I have been, sitting on top of a doozy since late September.  It’s partly to blame for the year-end dearth of posting and will influence TNS in the future, so it’s only right that I spill the beans.

In several posts last year, I alluded to Life Changing Plans to Actualize Hope and Dreams that were consuming my mental energy. I also asked you to share your best tips for making mayo-based potato salad.

If you REALLY loved me and were REALLY astute, you would have put two and two together and figured out that Brian and I are now on month four of a five-year plan that culminates in us moving to the Outer Banks of North Carolina and opening a barbecue joint and catering service.

The concept: from-scratch global barbecue with fresh flavors and imaginative sides.  East Carolina pulled pork,  Texas brisket and Kansas City ribs, yes. But also Cuban pork with mojo, pulled beef with chimichurri, five-spice pork loin, Thai-style ribs and more.

We are currently in phase one of the plan, which involves a lot of recipe development and testing, and a lot of spreadsheets. Also, eating a lot of barbecue in the name of research.

What this means for you: nothing, really. Well, I may be asking for more of your opinions. And at some point, we’ll make trips to U.S. barbecue meccas like Memphis, KC and Austin – there’s that “research” again – so maybe there will be some TNS meetups or something? But overall, your lives will be functionally the same.

So there you go: I am unburdened. You know all my secrets. And if you are planning a trip or special event on the Outer Banks in the spring of 2017 or onward, be sure to look up Sweet Biscuit Barbecue.

The floor is now open for questions.