Yeah, I said I would do it. But here’s the thing:

Top Chef? It’s worn me down. The endless permutations, the back to back seasons, the increasingly bloated casts of cheftestants (29 this season? For Fuck’s sake!)…it’s too much. I know I said I would be back for the next regular season of TC, but you know? I have zero interest in even watching it, let alone trying to comment on it.

Thus, I hereby announce that I am reclaiming my Wednesday nights permanently, until such time as TC stops being boring or I regain interest.

While I’m at it, let me ask y’all a question: what’s your favorite part of TNS? What kinds of recipes/features would you like to see more of? Because I’m thinking of doing a little retooling – after all, it’s been nearly four years* – and I’d like your input.