It was a good year.

burnt ends

Because of two words: BURNT ENDS. My god, but they are wonderful.


Of course, there was also pork. There would have to be.


And some blurry potatoes. I was worried 12 pounds would be too much. I WAS WRONG.


This red cabbage and cilantro slaw, from The Improvisational Cook, is the best slaw I’ve ever had in my life. On a sandwich with some pork and mojo sauce? To. Die. For.


So yeah, there was a lot of meat. From right to left, burnt ends, smoked chicken thighs and pulled brisket.


There was some greenery to go along with it: cantaloupe with jalapeno, basil and lime. Those Splendid Table ladies know how to eat a cantaloupe.


There was also beer.

And corn on the cob and pasta salad with spinach-walnut pesto and the most amazing beans that were cooked underneath the dripping pork butts* (thanks Juanita!) and deviled eggs (thanks Kathy!) blondies and brownies (thanks Lianne!) and a blueberry buckle. I was too busy hostessing to take very many photos, so my apologies for the lack of porn.

And I’m spent. And full.

*If we ask nicely, Juanita might show up in the comments and explain how she made them.