Thus ended our sojourn in Boston, though not without all the food we could pack into one last morning.

After another pit stop at The Thinking Cup for their excellent pour-over coffee, we ambled up toward the North End. Our walk took us through the Haymarket, full of fruits and veggies and yelling and little old ladies shoving you out of the way.


More importantly, the Haymarket is also home to the clam guys – six fresh clams for five bucks – which is all Brian needed to hear.


For some of us, few things hit the spot like raw clams with lemon and hot sauce at 10:45 in the morning.


Me, I was saving myself for the North End; the sfogilatelle at Modern Pastry scream breakfast to me more than a clam.

modern pastry

After a bit more wandering, we made our way back to the South End for one last lunch, at Coppa, recommended by several of you. Let me say to you now: THANK YOU.

I passed on the beef heart sausage with olive tapenade, but Brian assures me that it was excellent. And he’s not developed the gout, so that’s a plus.

sausage with heart

Much more up my alley was the burrata bianco pizza – perfect thin crust, just the right amounts of burrata, pea tendrils and Calabrian chili oil. To. Die. For.


It was a bit of a fight over the orecchiette with lamb, favas and mint, and I ended up trading more pizza that I’d bargained for to get the last bites.


We were much more civil over the fontina-filled aracini, which we split halfsies.


Full and happy, we settled into the car for the drive back. I almost don’t want to eat anything now, because there’s no way whatever it is will live up to the last three days’ meals. We’ll see how long that lasts.

To sum up: when visiting the Boston area, you should make it a point to visit

  • Mr. Bartley’s Burger Cottage
  • Christina’s Ice Cream
  • 1369 Coffeehouse
  • Russell House Tavern
  • The Thinking Cup
  • Drink
  • B&G Oysters
  • Modern Pastry
  • Coppa

Of these varied culinary experiences, I think I’d have to say that Drink and Coppa were my two favorites. I’ll be back just for those two.

Thanks to all the helpful posters for your suggestions; you made this a great trip!