Which is both unfortunate, and not unfortunate.


For today, apparently, is National Grilled Cheese Day – at least, that’s what the Twitterverse tells me. Had I known ahead of time, I would have done my grocery shopping accordingly, because there are few things I love more than a good grilled cheese sandwich.


Which is a sandwich we take very seriously around these parts – before we ever gave in to heterosexual privilege and got married for the health insurance, Brian and I exchanged personal vows and rings over an especially tasty grilled cheese sandwich at Johnny’s Luncheonette. We were also frequent diners at a now-defunct grilled cheese cafe that our neighborhood used to boast; the Ugly American was my personal favorite.


Of course, you are quick on the uptake and have doubtlessly noticed that none of these pictures are of a grilled cheese sandwich.

not raw

In fact, these are simply pictures of my lunch – a poached egg over sauteed spinach with bacon. I’m not entirely sure why I thought you would be interested in pictures of my lunch, other than the fact that you like pictures of food in general. Huzzah for self-indulgence!


So let me just take this moment to say: learn to poach an egg properly, and eat more of them. You can put them on almost anything; there are few things that are not improved by being smothered in warm, runny egg yolk.

But tonight, you should probably eat a grilled cheese sandwich.