It’s a wonder I can even get my fingers to move.


Because like a fool, I purchased the Jillian Michaels 30-Day Shred DVD. I decided I needed to get a little strength training into my day, and I’d heard good things about it. SWEET BABY JESUS. It’s a good thing Jillian is so nurturing and supportive, and doesn’t yell at you while you’re working out.

Wait, that’s a different trainer I’m thinking of. Jillian is the one who screeches at me about how thinking you can get away with simply taking the stairs for exercise is the REFUGE OF THE LETHARGIC.


I managed to drag my wobbly carcass up the stairs to cook dinner after finishing the DVD, so hooray for that.

Unfortunately, I was too tired to get back down the stairs after eating, so I just threw myself down and hoped that I’d land in the vicinity of the computer. Or the bed. I’m here, so it seems to have worked.

But about the food: As a side for dinner tonight, I roasted up some curried cauliflower. It’s probably my favorite way to eat this much-overlooked vegetable; if you blast it with high heat, it turns brown and crisp and nutty-sweet.


I hacked up a head of cauliflower and tossed the florets with olive oil and kosher salt. Plain ol’ roasted cauliflower is damn good, but I decided to gild the lily by dousing my veg with curry powder. Curry and cauliflower are friends that go way back.

I let the cauliflower roast at 475 for about 35 minutes while I seared off some pork loin, re-heated some leftover sweet potato puree and spent the remainder of the time laying on the floor trembling.


If you think you don’t like cauliflower, I implore you to give it a good roasting and see what you think; it’s transformative. Brown, crisp, fragrant with curry, perfectly tender – you can’t beat it with a stick.

If you happen to have some left over sweet potato puree scented with orange and cardamom, so much the better. If you don’t, you might want to make some. (Brian referred to these sweet potatoes as “soul affirming.”)

Now, I’m going to try and make it to the bedroom before my body shuts down completely.

Roasted Curry Cauliflower
1 head cauliflower, hacked to pieces
3 tbsp. olive oil
1 tbsp.  curry powder
1/2 tsp. salt

Preheat the over to 475. Toss all the ingredients together and spread out on a baking sheet. Roast, tossing once during cooking, until brown and fragrant, about 30-40 minutes.