It’s time for the annual guessing game! How many pounds of pork do I have in my fridge right now?


For Smoke-a-Thon IV: The Ass Kicker, she is nigh upon us.


And that means PORK.


And some chicken and veg. But mostly, PORK.


If you can tell me – closest without going over – how many pounds of pork are currently in my fridge, you could win fabulous cash prizes!


Okay, not really. But you CAN win this fabulous journal, made from the covers of a completely inappropriately-for-the-occasion named cookbook from the 70s, The Forget-About-Meat Cookbook, courtesy of Ex Libris Anonymous journals. Awesome covers, acid free paper, with bonus pages from the book itself thrown in. One of a kind, just like the Smoke-a-Thon.

Leave your answer in the comments, and may the best guestimator win! Open ’til Sunday at 10pm.