If I had my druthers, everything in my kitchen would be on little pedestals of varying heights.

small-turquoise-mini-pedestal.2I would have endless counterspace, space for dozens of little pedestals to hold heads of garlic, little cruets of oil and vinegar, ramekins of salt. It would run the risk of looking like a crazy person’s kitchen, which would be fitting because it would be a crazy person’s kitchen, but it would be eclectically picturesque and not at all insane.

With the money I didn’t spend on my imaginary poured concrete countertops and Aga stove, I would buy these Iacoli & McAllister pedestals made of old candlesticks that have been powdercoated and topped with platters.

Also, this is all happening in a townhouse in central London, with identical kitchens in Rome and Bali.