Okay, fine, so technically I’m not ANY kind of mom. Whatever, let’s move on.

I thought that with enough careful planning, I could figure out how to keep up my posting schedule and maintain my life, i.e., nap. As it turns out, no matter how well you plan, the day remains but 24 hours long, which is proving to be a problem, and sometimes I would like to do something other than nap, like walk the dogs or read a book or take a different kind of nap (e.g., couch vs. bed vs. comfy chair).

So: the Smackdown remains. Awesome Shit remains. Once Top Chef starts up again, liveblogging remains. But other nights, Tight Ass Tuesday included, are going to become sometime-features instead of regulars, because I’m not in a position to turn the blog into my life. Unfortunately. Or fortunately, depending on how you look at things.

Tonight I ordered in and I’m watching American Idol and IT IS AWESOME.