We have a Roosevelvet merch giveaway winner, an oven mitt winner and a new discount code so you can snatch up all the Pepe and Friends ceramics at Shopmodi! Hooray for the Autumno-WinterHolistravaganza!

Roosevelvet merch winner: Lisa G! I’ll email your contact info to Roosevelvet, and he’ll be in touch to discuss your swag! (And all you non-winners, don’t forget you still get 20% off his great stuff.)

Ugliest Oven Mitts: Leanna and her Little Potholder That Couldn’t, by a mile! Leanna, email the address where you’d like your new mitts shipped and the color you’d like to michelle at thursdaynightsmackdown dot com!

On to Shopmodi. You know the drill: click the pic to go right to the item, or just go straight there and use discount code TNSXMAS09 for 15% off all orders over $25 now through December 20th! Thank you, Shopmodi!

Riff and Raff. Or, as I call them, "Salt and Pepper Shakers." Why is one shrieking? I don't know, and I don't care. They're cute.
Pablo the jam pot, once featured here as Awesome Shit That I Want. He comes with a spoon! You can't beat that with a stick.
I've never used an egg cup, but I might if my egg cups looked like Sir Ranolf. You can tell he's a "Sir" because of the feather in his cap.
Cute? Yes. Even cuter because it's demitasse sized? For sure. Want a set of them? Yes.
Ditto the above, although you probably can't justify having two adorable demitasse sets. HOW CAN I MAKE THIS DECISION?
Of course the sugar shaker's name is "Sugar Daddy." Of course.
Creamer from a strange creature's nose. Potentially unappealing to some, but I like.
Do you drink coffee or tea on the go? Then you should have one of these, if you don't already.
Not necessarily for the kitchen, but how much do I want this decal for my freshly-painted den walls? I mean, as soon as I get around to the painting part.
Coat hangers. Freak your landlord out.