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Here are some of my wants – click the pic to go right to that item, or shop all of Foodzie.

Remember, there are no kickbacks in any of the giveaways or discounts for me – this is all for you guys!

Your chicken breasts will never be the same: Peach Habanero, Raspberry Scotch Bonnet and Jalapeno, Apricot and Wildflower Honey Jams for your glazing-up-a-quick-dinner pleasure.
Tea bags are for squares. Go loose! with some ginger-peach oolong.
Bacon! In jam form! With onions! And pepper! Once featured as Awesome Shit. Truly, the world is filled with marvels.
Cowgirl Creamery Classic Collection: Mt. Tam, Pierce PT and Red Hawk. Go read the descriptions, and I defy you not to order these immediately. The Cowgirls know from cheese.
Perhaps you prefer your bacon in candy form, rather than jam? I bring you: The Bacon Box! Chocolate-covered bacon, bacon caramels and bourbon-black pepper truffles.
Ginger Pear Jam. Your duck breasts beseech you. I beseech you on behalf of your duck breasts.
More alliterative fun with the Sassy Sauces Sampler: Bittersweet, Rum Caramel, Spicy Dark, Peanut Butter Fudge and Milk Chocolate Caramel. For the best ice cream party. EVER.
For salt junkies like me. Smoked paprika + finishing salt = your grilled fish will thank you. Or just munch on the flakes, not that I would ever do that.
Cinnamon-tastic! Cassia (the classic), Ceylon (the fragrant) and Saigon (the spicy). You know you're baking up some shit for the holidays and you need cinnamon.
Ain't nobody don't like some good olive oil. If you don't I do not trust you, sir and/or madam. Not one bit.