Or, Awesome Shit That You Get Monday. Prepare for the first of the discounts!

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The Spoon Sisters: 15% off, now through December 15th using discount code “thursdayspoon.” They’ve got great stuff for every room in your house/apartment/mom’s basement/cave dwelling/etc, but here are some of my personal faves for the kitchen. Visit The Spoon Sisters to shop their whole catalog, or click a pic that strikes your fancy.

Thanks, Spoon Sisters!

NOTE: I’m not getting anything out of these giveaways and discounts – they’re just for you, because you’re special.

They're measuring cups! They're nesting dolls! They measure odd quantities! They will look great on your kitchen counter (while saving space - oh, the practicality); you need them, I want them.
I can't help it, I love measuring devices. These could hang unobtrusively on your wall over your new Nesting Doll measuring cups. Spoon Sisters also has some great odd-capacity measuring spoons.
Everyone and their brother has a tiffin; you want to be different. Be square and be proud! a destruco-proof exterior and microwavable containers make this lunchbox the choice of cool kids everywhere.
Does it have "lazy" in the name? Chances are I'll like it. Meet the lazy spoon, and lose the spoon rest on your counter to make room for some other crap. Lazy ladle also available. (BTW, Lazy Ladle is also the name of my new Acid Jazz String Quartet.)
Never forget where your cream comes from. And admit it, it's fucking cute.
I admit that I would probably never un-nest them, but if you did you'd have a great set of serving bowls. I think the yellow ones are my favorite, but I'd already uploaded a picture of the orange so there you go.
Because you want everyone to know how classy you are.
An awesome tote for trips to the green markets, or for a picnic where you need to bring a LOT of wine. Which is pretty much any picnic, if you ask me.
Know what you're eating.
Okay, this isn't strictly for the kitchen. Can we not branch out? Because a couple of these sitting around the patio on a spring evening? Loverly.