It’s Round One of the First Official Autumno-WinterHolistravagazna of giveaways and retail discounts, every Monday through the middle of December!

So show me your filth!

A few weeks ago, I copped to have disgusting potholders, which I still do because I haven’t purchased new ones yet. I know that many of you, being the avid cooks you are, are also in possession of some grotesque potholders and/or oven mitts.

I want to see them. We ALL want to see them.

So: Show me your fucked-up potholders and oven mitts. They can be filthy, as mine are, or they can merely be extremely ugly; I don’t care. Post them on your own blog or, if you don’t have one (or don’t want to post them), send a photo to michelle AT thursdaynightsmackdown DOT com, subject line “My Ugly Mitt.” On 11/30, I’ll post the 5 most heinous, and y’all will have a week to vote on the butt-fugliest. The most horrific will get a set of Marimekko Unikko oven mitts in their choice of colorway.

Bring the ugly!

Props to Design*Sponge’s “Ugliest Pillow” Contest for the inspiration!