Timers! Timers to help you tick down the minutes until the THURSDAY NIGHT SMACKDOWN HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!

Here’s the deal: starting next Monday, all of November’s (and some of December’s) Awesome Shit That I Wants will be an Awesome Shit That You Get: either a giveaway, or a discount code for some of the retailers whose awesome goods have been featured in this very space.

To help the minutes crawl by, how’s about a new kitchen timer? I need one anyway, because every time I try to set the digital timer on the oven I end up turning the whole oven off by accident and not realizing until 15 minutes later when I wonder why my cake isn’t rising.

timer 1

You could go all roly-poly with the Orb Timer from Unica Home, makers of the always-beloved and office appropriate “fuck” labeling system. The chrome version is kinda whimsical and classy, if that’s possible.

Bonus question: Did Swedes have a hand in making this timer? I’ll give you two guesses, but I bet you only need one!

timer 3Personally, I think Ill go with this triple-threat stainless steel baby from Williams-Sonoma.

Of course, it would have to be the most expensive of all the times I investigated, but it’s made of STEEL. I’ll be able to time THREE THINGS AT ONCE. In a pinch, I’ll be able to rub my hands all over it (in a non-sensual manner) to get rid of garlic smell. I’m going mad with power just thinking about it.

In any case, get ready for the HOLIDAY EXTRAVAGANZA!!, starting next week with a whiz-bang giveaway.