flowering sage

Actually, that’s a conceit: everyone knows what it’s like to be the sad man. If you’ve never known what it’s like, I think, clinically, you are manic and should seek help.

(Above is a picture of some flowering pineapple sage in my herb garden. It bears no relation to anything. Feel free to pay it no mind.)

In any case, I’m not really the sad (wo)man. Really: this is not a depressed or biopolar issue.  I’m just the tired, overwhelmed, lacking in inspiration right now woman.

So I’m asking you, blogger or not: what do you do to push through your periods of inertia? Take a break? Power through? Turn back to crystal meth? I love this blog but lately I feel like I’ve been forcing it, and that makes my voice inauthentic.  I don’t like that; presumably, you’ve come here in the first place because of my voice, so it’s less fun for you, and forcing it is less fun for me.

(Or you’re here because you Stumbled Upon me, and you don’t want to hear my whining. Sorry! You’ve got bad timing.)

But whatever. I know I’m not the only one who struggles with this sometimes; we all hit a wall and misplace our mojo, be for it blogging or knitting or breeding Siamese cats or drag racing. Maybe I just need a nap, but in case that doesn’t do the trick give me (and everyone else searching for their mojo) a good shove. What do you do?