If you’re going to spend the big bucks on a teapot, you damn well better have a plan for keeping that teapot cozy.

Perhaps you wish to declare your love of tea in a most blatant way. In this case, it would also be most helpful if you lived in the UK, as otherwise you’d have to wait quite a while for shipping. Oh, and this would cost you a billion dollars because the U.S. dollar is like confederate money, except you can’t even use it to buy dollar-sized pieces of gingerbread.

Perhaps you live in the UK and want a less traditional tea cozy, perhaps one that looks Scandinavian, to match your IKEA Billy bookcases. (I assume you have those. If not, I’m sorry. They’re attractive but functional and reasonably priced, and they don’t have a ridiculous name like Lekscr├╝nk or Slimar.)

You may want something that keeps your tea cozy while you pour, and you’d also like your teapot to look like it shops at J. Crew, in which case this little number could be right up your alley.

Next week: Salt shakers galore! I know, I know, please try to restrain your excitment until next week.