I don’t normally do anything breakfasty in the morning, but while staying with friends the last couple days and having to get up at the ass-crack of dawn I’ve been starting my day with tea.

I my favorite teas come from Teavana, and although I love them in my current tea-making setup, I think I would love them even more if I had one of these hand-thrown ceramic teapots from Etsy seller Alina Hayes.

Sprout the Teapot:

Rust Oil Can Teapot
(check out that gorgeous finish!):

I mean, come one. This is why Etsy rules, these are fricking adorable. Giving the Japanese a run for their money in the cuteness department, is all I’m saying.

Also, one of these would make a lovely birthday present for your wife, if you had one. Or a “just because” present, really, since her birthday may not be until the end of December. Especially that first one.