Have I mentioned that my sister’s family owns the Wave Pizza Cafe in Duck? And that in my totally unbiased opinion, it is the best pizza south of the Mason-Dixon line, which is really much further north than one might think (i.e., Delaware, your national stop for duty-free shopping).

But you might want something more exciting than just pictures of pizza, although god alone knows why.

Here is what it takes to produce that mouthwatering pizza: you have to take an angry 23-year-old who somehow is in a constant state of needing a haircut, lock him in a 120 degree room with two giant ovens, and don’t let him out until he can produce this pizza, as seen above:

Kidding! Their working conditions are actually quite sane, and anyone under age 8 gets a five minute break every twelve hours. Really, they’re very progressive for the age.

Kidding again! They don’t employ children since “the incident,” the room isn’t locked after 7PM, he’s not always angry and the room is only 110 degrees. Sometimes he even has help. But he does always need a haircut.

Still kidding! They have always been in full compliance with all relevant labor laws, the room is never locked and they’re really friendly and happy.

But he does need a haircut.