I feel normal. I have felt normal now for nearly FOUR WEEKS IN A ROW. DO YOU KNOW HOW OUTSTANDING THAT IS? And I didn’t sacrifice a goat to Ba’al or anything.

This? Is a tiffin. We all know this. One uses it to bring lunch to work for two to three days before one returns to eating $3.58 soup from The Soup Spot and uses the tiffin as a decorative object, or perhaps as storage for tiny objects such as corks or coffee beans or hairpins or very small rocks.

It’s a very normal object, although it is the case that I think tiffins are awesome even while I know I’d end up not using one. Its normalcy is a tribute to my normalcy.

Are the chickens hatched? I know it’s still too soon to tell. BUT I’M COUNTING THEM, BABY. One, two, three.

Suck my ass, Bipolar Disorder.