Aaaand we’re one post further from The Aspic.

It’s going to be really, really hard not to constantly post camera-related items. Luckily, I’m a greedy fucker and there’s a lot of shit I want.

This week: Tea.

I loves me some tea.

If I’m being really really specific, I like 16 ounces of just-below-boiling water poured over a mix of 2/3 this and 1/3 this, steeped for 10 minutes, poured into a 32 ounce Nalgene bottle (the new kind, without the Death Polymer) filled with ice and sweetened with simple syrup.

If I were being specific.

This neat-o cup from Bodum would make my tea-steeping if not easier, at least more fun to watch (trying to stare through my ceramic teapot gives me a headache) so I could justify buying those beautifully constructed tea leaves that bloom into flowers and shit. It would also enhance my hot-tea drinking, with the double-wall thing.

I also have an overabundant (read: rainforest jungle-esque) herb garden about to eat the backyard. If I had this teapot, I might use some of them. Maybe.

Fine, I pretty much want everything from the Bodum 2009 catalogue. So sue me. You look at those ceramic cups and tell me you don’t.