So somewhere in my youth, or childhood, I must have done something good.”*

For those who join in for Top Chef Masters blogging, I bring you search strings from the past week. Rick Bayless vouches for him as a person, but someone’s got to tell him to turn the ass-o-meter down a few clicks.

Mike: Rehabilitation. Fire your people. Think about it. The numbers speak for themselves

  • Michael Chiarello asshole (18 people!)
  • Chiarello asshole
  • Michael Chiarello is an ass
  • Michael Chiarello is an ass hole
  • Michael Chiarello jerk
  • Micheal Chiarello douche
  • Chiarello Top Chef Masters asshole
  • Michael Chiarello jerk on Top Chef Masters
  • Chiarello douchebag
  • Chiarello Top Chef Masters jerk
  • Is Chef Chiarello a jerk

This is ONE WEEK. Extrapolate from that, and quiver before the tsunami of loathing.

(And because I know you’re all wondering: Yes, there have been “Tyler Florence douchebag” searches.)

*Song courtesy of “The Sound of Music.” I love that damn movie.