I’m not saying there’s no Smackdown tonight because of the So You Think You Can Dance finale and it’s true. It’s because of the Crazie, and the SYTYCD finale was just a perk. SYTYCD is my Klonopin and don’t you judge.

Instead, I bring you the opportunity to take advantage as I pay it forward. My winnings can become your winnings by way of your actions.

(By the way, you get an extra entry for correctly identifying the inspiration of that last sentence. Email me your answer so’s you don’t give it away.)

Anyway, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway over at Zen Can Cook: despite the fact that the dish I entered in his “Feed Me” giveaway blatantly insulted his people (“That’s right, 50 cloves.  TAKE THAT, FRENCH PEOPLE.  Here in the gold ol’ U.S of A, the dial goes up to 50.”), I was awarded two Jamie Oliver cookbooks.

As it turns out, I already own one of the books I just won, Cook with Jamie: My Guide to Making You a Better Cook. My mind is like a steel trap, where “steel trap” is code for “sieve,” although in my defense, it is a very shiny, well-made sieve. I told Stephane I would happily cede the book to whomever it was who finished a distant (I assume) second to me, but he insisted on sending it to me anyway.

I own so many books at this point that I’ve actually started building furniture out them, so there’s no reason not to pass on my abundance to you. You want this book, because it helps you make things like this, and that? Is a thing you want to eat.

SO: Zen just wanted you to feed him. I want more: I want you to comfort me. Link me to your most comforting dish – or, if you’re altruistic, to someone else’s comforting dish. One entry per person unless you (1) ID the quote above (shoot me an email) or (2) retweet/post on Facebook/post on your blog and let me know.

Open until August 15th. Do it to it – I need comfort, and I can only eat so much mac and cheese.