Pouring small amounts of liquid has never been so sensual.

Especially if they’re being poured from an overpriced ceramic vessel. You know how I love an overpriced ceramic thingy for which I have neither money nor room in my kitchen.

I especially like it when the ceramics are of questionable functionality.  Like this thing: it solves the age old “how do I blot the artisinal olive oil from my piece of pain de campagne in an effective yet modern fashion?” conundrum. There are cave paintings in Lascaux illustrating this age-old human dilemma.

Luckily, this olive oil platter solves that dilemma with only 75% chance of spilling oil over the side of the plate and all over your favorite pants. Thank god!

But that other pour-y thing, I totally want. At the current Euro-to-Dollar exchange rate, it’s a bargain at $162. You can’t put a price tag on pouring maple syrup over your weekend pancakes in such a sultry fashion.

Non-Bleak Announcement! Bleak Soup winner jkc was thrilled to win, but was so overwrought by Rob’s post-apocolyptic yarn that she has conceded her victory!  Rob, send me your mailing address to claim your winnings, and never suffer the indignity of bleak soup again.