You know, Mondays stress me out.

First of all, it’s a Monday, that magical, magical day when you get to take a deep breath and check your email to see whether a shitstorm has occurred over the weekend. It’s like Opposite Christmas! Then Brian has band practice at night at a studio an hour away, which means making dinner can’t take that long.  THEN my job has shifted and I’m working later than I have before, meaning even LESS time. As the day goes on, I wonder how late I’ll be at work, and how long I’ll have to cook, and do I want to go down to band practice with Brian, and how much time does THAT leave me, and will Lee’s Fruit and Vegetables have what I need or will I have to traipse around town looking for it AND THIS ALL STRESSES ME OUT.  And this is with medication, god save us.

And then I thought, wait a second here.  This is MY BLOG.

Therefore, I decree that Cheap Ass Monday is, as of today, transmogrifying into Cheap Ass Tuesday, leaving Mondays free for Awesome Shit, The Frig, or maybe just a nap after work.  Accordingly, Hobo Monday becomes Hobo Tuesday.

The remaining weekdays stay the same; I can only take enough upheaval in one afternoon.

The Management