Weekends around here have been devoted to a tour of all Jersey City diners for the Jersey City Independent, and the overload of tuna melts and lemon meringue pie does not inspire me to engage in further cooking.  I’ll probably rouse myself to make something to bring to the Father’s Day BBQ for Brian’s dad tomorrow, but for right now, I thought I’d share some of the things people have been saying about TNS lately. I’m on my way!

I usually eliminate these from the comments list because it’s just too much tooting of my horn and I want to protect the anonymity of my true admirers, but I really feel like I should share:

  • “Isn’t that something!”
  • “As a novice in this field, I am very fortunate to have come across your site.”
  • “All your readers must appreciate this information. I know I do.”
  • “Hey, great post, really well written. You should post more about this.”
  • “I am so ignorant on this topic but now I know a little more. Thanks for educating me.”
  • “This is quite good, thanks. It’s gonna be very useful for many.”
  • “It always amazes me how much we can learn if we just set our minds to it.”

Of course, there are always detractors, although they are gentle:

  • “I don’t get very well the concept here, so I believe people may disagree with it.”
  • “I tend to disagree with much of what has been written in this post, but I am proud to live in a country where you can have your say and I can have mine.”

I’m also proud to be able to help people searching for things that can’t be found anywhere else on the internet, things like:

  • Hobo Pork
  • My Husband is Cheap
  • Eat While Fucking
  • Day of the Frig*
  • Marty Feldman was shy

And now, it’s time for a bacon cheeseburger-induced nap.  It’s hard drinking all those chocolate milkshakes and eating all those french fries with gravy.

*Personally, I would like to know when the Day of the Frig is coming so I can be totally prepared.