Don’t touch my peanut.

Because this nut is MINE.  I  may look unprepossessing, but I WILL CUT YOU if you go for the peanut, no matter how small and starving you make yourself look, with your cute cow-like spots and sad, hungry eyes.

I love Etsy for a multitude of reasons, none more so than its abundance of interesting, quirky, original and affordable art and art prints.  I’m digging on SepiaLepus, creator of this hamster duo and have long loved the animal portraits at berkley illustration. To say nothing of Everybody Likes SandwichesThe Beautiful Project and the offensively wonderful Wry and Ginger, especially the laminated notes for bad parkers; the bunny is my favorite.

(Speaking of offensively wonderful, hie yourself to Hostile Responses to Helpful Suggestions for your daily hilarity quota.)

Seriously: I SEE you looking at my nut.

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