We are readers of action.  Sloth does not become us.

First, not nearly enough of you have been heading over to Pistols and Popcorn to raise money for cancer while winning great prizes (Colbert Report tickets!  Red-carpet premiere of Martin Scorcese movie!  All Points West tickets!  Gorgeous portrait of your child!  The opportunity to look like an idiot on a segway!).

What’s that, you don’t like awesome things?  You don’t want to find a cure for cancer?  Oh, okay. I understand. No, don’t worry; I’ll explain that to the leukemia-ridden children at St. Jude’s myself.*

Second, my innate sense of competition cannot be quelled: I still don’t know who these BlogLuxe people are but I know I could potentially win something, and that automatically sends me into Red Alert Pandering Mode.  So go vote for me.  (I’m the provocative one. You know, because of my lack of creativity.)  Just click the big purple button.  I know you can do it.

Good day, sir.


*Too much?