I’m sorry to report that dinner tonight has been pre-empted by a new MacBook Pro, the fiddling with which is consuming all my free time.

In lieu of food, I have a question and an important public service message, both from people named Jodi-with-an-“i.”  And I’m not kidding about the public service part; you should all read it and then hie to engage in some altruistic behvaior.  Unless you don’t want to help cure cancer.

(1) The question.  Turnips: What the fuck?  Sister-in-law Jodi is getting some in her CSA and wants to know what to do with them.  So she asked me, because I write a food blog and I seem like the person to ask.  Which I would be, if I knew more about cooking and liked turnips.  But I know very little and loathe turnips, so I have to punt.  Please tell Jodi what to do with turnips.

(2) The altruism.  Cancer: It sucks.  I had it, I lived.  My parents had it, they didn’t.

Pistols and Popcorn‘s Jodi, my new best internet-turned-real-life-friend, is helping her brother Fat Cyclist raise money through the Livestrong Challenge on behalf of his wife Susan, who has stage 4 breast cancer. (For those unlucky enough never to have made good friends with cancer, there isn’t anything past stage 4.)

Jodi is raising money a with a raffle and some sweet swag, and I’m not overstating the case to say that you might find yourself on the red carpet with Michelle Williams and Leonardo DiCaprio at the premiere of a Martin Scorsese film.  FOR SERIOUS.

Plus, I will be at the party where they announce the winners, and I’m pretty awesome. (But more awesome: cures for cancer.)

Visit her Livestrong donation page to join in.