Goodness knows I love a ceramic container, especially when they’re shaped like something cute and/or funny and if they’re wildly overpriced, but I tend to covet rather than purchase.  Like the container for one thing.  I love it, but I just can’t make myself spend $26 on a 3-inch diameter container, even if I can hang it from the ceiling and use it to hold my afternoon Skittle.

canistersThat’s why I need to get these instead: they’re cute in a kind of depressing way, they have airtight lids AND they’re wildly overpriced.  Although when you divide $175 by 4 they’re only $43.75 apiece.

To be fair, the little head-only guy should probably be pro-rated to make up for his lack of body and corresponding inability to actually contain anything.  That requires math more advanced than I’m willing or able to do, so $43.75 apiece it is.

My favorite thing other than the containers themselves is the low price guarantee.  If you can find an identical set of Melting Snowman canisters for less than $175, they will match the price!  So if you did your research, you could score a real deal, like $170, or $165.

It should surprise no one to learn that the designer is Canadian.

scary bunny

If you prefer to contain your foodstuffs in an equally overpriced but less morbid-looking container, there’s always the Bunny Cookie Jar. Although if I’m being honest, these freak me out more.  Something about the idiotic smile coupled with the dead, dead eyes; they send a chill down my spine.  I do not want to store my cookies in a vomit-orange ceramic zombie rabbit.

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