The Jerk-inspired dry rub. I mean the classic Jamaican seasoning mix, not Glen Beck.

The pork. Oh, the pork.

The dry rub ON the pork.

The SARAN WRAP. Okay, off-brand saran wrap. But there was a lot of it. And then I signed on to Fresh Direct and spent $43 on potatoes.

Nine racks didn’t really cut it last year for our carrion bird-like friends who apparently subsist on cabbage water the rest of the year, so this year we got a dozen.  I mean, along with the three pork butts and 26 pounds of chicken; a dozen racks of ribs is really more like an appetizer than a meal. Sure, it’s 40 pounds, but it’s mostly bone.*

The smoking begins tomorrow morning and continues all weekend.  Literally.  Send an offering to the gods for good weather.

*Maybe we should have gotten two dozen.  The Girl Who Ate Everything always brings a posse the size of Arcade Fire.