Say hi to Unintended Byproducts‘ Holly – she’s done an excellent job finding some awesome shit that I want! Once you’re done figuring out how to rob to pay for this awesome shit, why not read the past several guest posts from some other kick-ass bloggers, if you haven’t already? Which you should have. (If you’re wondering why all the guests: go here.)

There’s a lot of crazy house-y stuff out there. But my ‘Christmas‘Birthday‘ ‘Buy Me Something Cause I’m Awesome’ list is always evolving to include Michelle’s finds (seriously, I want this platter in a bad, bad way). So, yeah, I’m really glad to be able to sneak away from my blog to help out and playing around on her blog for a bit – thank you, Michelle!

Keeping with the awesome animal-themed housewares, and my own it’s-only-Tuesday-and-I’m-already-thinking-about-shots-theme, I give you shot glasses. Black, pewter shot glasses. Black, pewter shot glasses with ANIMAL HEADS!  Because animals are cooler when you can drink out of their heads

Animal Shot Glasses

I don’t know why I love these things. They’re not crazy expensive – the whole set will set me (or whom ever I can trick into buying them for me…) back $120ish, so they’re utterly attainable. I think it may be the motley crew of beasts – find me the common thread between Bear, Rhino, Moose, Deer & Ram, and you’re a better person then I (other then the obvious “they can all balance on their heads with the greatest of ease,” which I respect and find quite useful, but doesn’t seem like quite enough to make the designer sit up in bed late at night and go “It’s clear to me! I know exactly what animals to pair together in my ode to pewter shot glass set!“).

Maybe it’s some weird alternative food chain? Animals that you’d never find at a petting zoo? Gang of wild beasts that will look awesome on my wine fridge? Yep, that’s the one.