Today comes thanks to cook eat FRET‘s Claudia, who totally gets me because she’s my secret internet girlfriend.  Well, not so secret anymore.

hi. claudia here from cook eat FRET filling in for michelle while she’s having an extended manicure. on her brain. or something like that.

ever since i’ve been an avid reader of this blog – which i might add, has been from its near inception, it appears that michelle and brian fancy themselves first rate grillers. or perhaps it’s brian who singularly wears the grillmaster pants in the house* –  but really, i just couldn’t know.

but regardless of who does what on their condo terrace, i am assuming that being they’re both born in this country and (i’d like to believe) proud of it (despite the past 8 years of embarrassing governing), they certainly fit into some sub culture of the “all american couple”, albeit which category – i am not so sure… although it’d probably be something along the lines of “highly-intellectual pop-culture quasi-deviants”. but don’t quote me.

all this to say, that any respectable american grilling fool (and i mean that in a nice way) needs some kitsch accouterments to accompany the side dishes of their supposed kick ass bbq (although let me point out again that sadly, i wouldn’t know how it rates first hand – you’d have to ask marc whom she obviously prefers to myself**) and despite, well, ALL OF THIS – i think i’ve found just the thing.

and i believe it embodies the “awesome shit that i want” genre.

available from wrapables – if you were so inclined…

*ed. comment: the grillmaster pants are all him. during grill season, i wear the side dish and dessert pants only.

**ed. comment: i’m not the one who lives in buttfuck tennessee