You like warm beverages. You like ink. You wish your morning venti double whip whip iced vanilla-caramel mochaccino could look more bad-ass.

I know I do. I’m always walking to work in the morning all, “This mochaccino is NOT projecting the image i wish to project. I want a mochaccino that says I WILL CUT YOU, MOTHERFUCKER yet also shows that I am environmentally sensitive and supportive of local artisans.”

That’s why you need this. Only $15, re-useable, keeps your fingers safe, AND you don’t have to commit to the permanence of getting your significant other’s name tattooed on your shoulder, because we all know that’s the death knell of a relationship and then you’ll have to get it covered over with some lame panther claw or get “Holly” changed to “Holla!” And it saves you from getting a “MOM” tattoo, because you know she doesn’t want you to get one anyway.

If you’re not the venti double whip whip iced vanila-caramel mochaccino type, there’s always this:

Now, even when my ink is covered up I can be BAD-ASS. For those who don’t want to drop a chunk of change to get an early American colonial gravestone motif tattooed on the back of your necks – just an example – we thank you, Etsy seller 60 Bugs, for this awesome yet painless and economical alternative.