The theme: disembodiment and pastries. There are ceramic baby heads, their soulless eyes imploring you: “Please eat our cupcakes; also, find our irises and corneas.” There are kicky ladies’ legs wearing gold high heels. If you were in a women’s studies Ph.D program, you’d be writing your thesis on this.

You could go all Susie Orbach* up on that shit. If you do, a thank you note when you eventually get tenure would be appreciated.

But you’re not, you’re just eating the chocolate covered strawberries. Because this shit? Is awesome.

And really, quite reasonable at $249 when you think about the hat bowls. Actually, if you had a grand to drop, think about how great this would be with the hat bowls. And then send me the thousand bucks, because you clearly have money burning holes in your pockets. I’m just looking out for your slacks’ health.

*NOT the same as Suze Orman.