I mean, I’m willing to eat some questionnable foodstuffs. But I like to be somewhat prepared before I actually put them in my mouth.

I suppose you know whether you’ll be experiencing a carbonated or non-carbonated beverage, so that’s a plus.  On the minus:

“The drinks have a unique packaging concept so every beverage has a generic design with no way of telling what flavor (ed.: there are six of each variety) is contained in the can. This prevents the consumers from being aware of the flavor of the beverage until they drink it.”  (Courtesy Wikipedia)

Flavors include “Fizz Up” and “Cloudy Lemon” and “What the hell kind of flavors are those?”

Even better:

Between the 10th and 21st of May, 2007, Anything & Whatever ran a ‘teaser campaign’ at 450 bus shelters in which empty Anything & Whatever cans were attached to the displays, framing the advertisements. The campaign, which was to have lasted a month, was cut short in the wake of widespread vandalism and concern that the many cans opened by passersby would become breeding grounds for Aedes mosquitoes, carriers of dengue fever.

Good job, marketers!  The frig?

Aside:  Today I submitted my first commissioned food-related article to a real-life magazine.  Fingers crossed that the editors at least read it all the way through before tossing it into the trash can, lighting it on fire and writing it themselves.