Really.  I mean, I understand gross-out candy to a point, but this is just crossing a line.

Lollipop shaped like a toilet plunger.  Pixie-stix like candy hidden WITHIN the toilet bowl.  Plunge, eat.  Plunge, eat. I would imagine that the constant introduction of moisture into the toilet dust would eventually cause it to form kitty litter-like clumps, as the specimen at left appears to be doing.

I work so hard to train my fucking DOGS not to drink out of the toilet, and now we encourage this behavior in our CHILDREN?  Lick that shit right up!  It’s a special sweet treat, the toilet candy!

Truly, the U.S, she is going to hell in a handbasket.  Are the French or the Japanese allowing their children to eat toilet candy?  Okay, maybe the Japanese; they do all kinds of crazy shit.  But the French would dismantle the factory and carry each individual piece over the border to Switzerland before they would allow toilet candy into their country.

Pez, which is essentially candy from a larynx, is creepy enough.  Candy from a toilet?  FAIL.