Re: “My Husband is a Cheap Son of a Bitch”:

My husband remains NOT a cheap son of a bitch; in fact, spending money freely is one of his favorite activities.  I’m just checking in to tell you that in taking a second look at my analytics I’ve noticed that ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY THREE PEOPLE have found me via the search string “countering jalapeños in my nose.”

Let’s all ponder that.  What are we teaching our children? I mean, raisins in the nose, sure; we’ve all been there.  Bean in the nose, even.  But jalapeños in the nose?  That’s just depravity, excessive drug use (e.g., meth, which would make it seem like a good idea), or inadequate drug use (e.g., weed, because then you would just eat the jalapeños).

I’m just saying, is what.