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So many excellent guesses for the last Frig? – except for all the people who got the “toast” part, which was fairly obvious – but none quite on the mark. What did you really see?

A freakish, netherworldly version of what should be a heartwarming classic, tomato soup and grilled cheese. Except instead of soup and a sandwich, anarchivist subjected us to his/her El Bulli version: tomato foam and dubliner cheese on rye toast.

Mmmm mmm, good.

For the weekend Frig?, we depart from our tradition of exploring the hoary underworld of processed foods. Instead of a single food, what we have here is a monument to all processed foods, including that godfather of processed horrors, the Twinkie. The inclusion of real foods, including bacon and cheese (which should be saving graces), does not save it in any way.

I give you: the Snack Food Stadium:

Full description and instructions on how to make your very own here. (I loathe the originating website, but couldn’t not tell you where this came from.) As the creators explain, “Vienna sausages make delicious players, and tiny cheese wedge helmets help keep them from getting concussions. ” Obviously. When your team wins, you can eat the bacon guardrails and have the fans rush the field!

Thanks to intrepid internet troller, sometimes-commenter and wonderful upstairs neighbor who doesn’t mind when I make the whole house smell like garlic, Edgerton, for exposing this feat of modern engineering.