So did you know there was this thing called the Well Fed Network? And they want you to give me some kind of award?

Apparently, they find me to be humorous. Like I’m a clown. A trained monkey. Still, I do like to win awards, what with never having won one before, so here are some reasons to vote for me:

  • I slipped on ice and landed with all my body weight on the SAME SPOT on my left knee twice in two days. I know what you’re thinking: “At least the knee is the body part best designed to absorb massive lateral shock.” Still, my knee is roughly six times the size of a normal knee. Ibuprofen helps, but winning an award would help more.
  • I know David Lebovitz and his ice cream recipes are better than anyone’s but he’s famous enough already.
  • If I’ve ever made you snort Coke* and/or orange juice and/or beer out your nose, you owe me.
  • I drop the f-bomb WAY more than any of the other nominees.
  • I will give each of you a dollar.
  • Not really.

So mosey on over and make your selection for Best Food Blog – Humor. “Selection” meaning “me.”

While you’re there, check out the other categories and all the great blogs nominated in the other categories that are almost as good as mine. There are some up-and-comers – Tartelette, Smitten Kitchen, 101 Cookbooks – that I think you’re really going to be hearing from one of these days.

*The SODA, you fiends.

Note:  Some people have reported problems with the polling software they’re using. I don’t know what to tell you, except try, try and try again.