No one, because no one actually came here via the phrase “fuck the chicken,” which is disappointing in a bizarre kind of way.  But below the jump are the top 10 most icky from the past day or two.  This is what you get for having a pottymouth, kids.  Clean up your acts.

Which one is your favorite?

  1. “goat fuck pork” (My favorite, tied with #8)
  2. “fuck you google go suck china dick”
  3. “suck your dick”
  4. “tyler florence is a douchebag” (6 times!)
  5. “12 years old cock pic” (NOT my favorite)
  6. “i can suck my dick”
  7. “fuck”
  8. “jar goes in ass” (Tied with #1, because it makes me wonder, is there something IN the jar?  Or is it just an empty glass jar?  Because that seems like more of a safety hazard than the other types of things one might insert into one’s ass, as there would be nothing inside the jar exerting counterpressure against the ass.  I have a lot of time to think.)
  9. “cucumber in ass”
  10. “little fresh ass”

And this one, which is not at all dirty but I LOVE it:

“how to make a pulley to eat spaghetti”

ETA: Best of the day:  “What condiment would Jesus use?”  I’m going to Cafe Press to make WCWJU merchandise immediately?  Anyone wanna make a graphic?