Get out your flutes and your bubbly, it’s hors d’oeurvres time! (Look out for a flute roundup this week to make your swanktastic party complete.)

Without further a-dew, your roundup:

Newcomer I tell you what… joins the fray this months with Monica’s onion tarlets from the Friends cookbook. As I always says, onions + pastry = no way to go wrong.

Let us not judge too harshly the fact that someone actually owns and uses the Friends cookbook; we all have cookbook skeletons in the closet <cough Paula Deen cough>. We will judge only with a moderate degree of harshness, for we are magnanimous.  And we love onion tarts.

Always-dependable participant Robin of A Little Greener Every Day jumps into the fray with this White Bean-Horseradish spread from Recipes from an Ecological Kitchenby Lorna Sass.

Dip may be my favorite food groups, and white beans are a great palate. Beware, however, this sentence in her description: “But once those ten hours or so are over, it’s a quick and easy recipe.”

I’m not the only dip-lover in these parts. Eatingclub Vancouver used the The America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook – a can’t-go-wrong book, if my copy of the The New Best Recipe, by the same folks, is any indication – to whip up this lemon-feta dip.

There was some cheating here, but if we’re not going to judge the Friends cookbook people, we shouldn’t judge here either. Plus: radishes! Who doesn’t love ’em?

Erika shares my problem: too many cookbooks. Too many magazines too, as these garlic-stuffed mushrooms came from a 2006 Sunsetmagazine.

She can do things like this because she clips her recipes and keeps them, organized by meal type, in clear binders. I considered leaving her out of the roundup because I don’t want to face my own shame at the four-foot-high disheveled pile of magazine next to my refrigerator, but I chose to be a bigger person.

Molly Wizenberg (aka Orangette, like I needed to tell you that) published this recipe for leek confit in a recent Bon Appetit, and I don’t know how I missed it because I love a fucking leek.

And now Rah Cha Chow does too, thank goodness, now that she’s made the confit and served it on crusty baguettes with goat cheese! Because I’ll say it again: leeks are fucking good, and I’m totally having a cocktail party just so I can make these.


Our final entry is a total cheater because it doesn’t come from a cookbook or magazine or even a blog, but it’s from a non-blogger and I love it when they participate, so here you go. Thanks for playing, Emily, and thanks for this recipe, Emily’s ex-boyfriend’s mother!

“Ok, so I totally SUCK at hors d’oeuvres. Normally when I have people over for a dinner party I just want to sit them right down and start with soup or salad. But there is one no-fail hors d’oeuvres recipe I have. The recipe came from an ex-boyfriend’s mother, and is absurdly simple:

Boursin Stuffed Mushrooms:
Heat oven to 375 or 400. Spray a baking tray lightly with oil.Take about a pound of button mushrooms. Take the stems out, leaving the caps. Fill the mushroom caps with boursin cheese. Put the mushrooms on the tray, then spray the mushrooms lightly with oil. Bake for somewhere between 15-20 minutes, until the cheese is browned on top and the mushrooms have softened. Then try to actually leave some for guests, rather than scarfing them all oneself…”


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