Distressing News the First: Plans to visit the world’s oldest, largest cured ham in Smithfield, Virginia must be aborted.  We’re driving down to North Carolina to spend the holiday with my sister, and the ham – cured in 1902 from a 900 POUND PIG and STILL EDIBLE if you scrape off the not-inconsiderable mold layer, a claim which I am willing to take on faith – is en route.  The museum containing it, however, is closed on Mondays.  FAIL.

Distressing News the Second:  Why would someone do this to innocent strips of bacon?  Why?

Originally uploaded, god only knows why, by eatliver.com.

These disappointments follow hard on the heels of the sad fact that Dinosaur Kingdom is too far off our driving route to be a practical pit stop tomorrow.  Sigh.

We are a-flutter with packing and cleaning chez TNS – cousins from Italy will be occupying our apartment while we’re in North Carolina, so Brian has been scrubbing every scrubbable surface in the house with a water pik while I’ve been put in charge of “tidying and straightening,” which sounds like it should be no big deal but somehow takes hours and hours.  And tomorrow is 8+ hours of driving, so look for another post of questionable content tomorrow night!