For this important message.

Kidding! It’s not important at all.  But this week’s Smackdown will be postponed until Friday night because of this long-standing problem I have with reading directions thoroughly.

See, I was going to do the Zuni Cafe’s roasted chicken with bread salad; a recipe for roasted chicken that nearly five pages long is one that must be investigated, and I even had most of the ingredients at home already.  And then I, you know, actually read all the directions.  Which, those of you who have made or read about this recipe know, requires advance prep of at least one day, for both the chicken and salad.

You’d think that someone whose blog schtick is the following of recipes would be a fairly detail-oriented person, but you’d be wrong.  Once, I Mapquested directions to Burlington, Vermont and managed to totally overlook the fact that they involved taking both our persons and our car onto a ferry to cross Lake Champlain. (Luckily, Brian figured this out when we had only gone 50 miles or so in the incorrect direction of the ferry, which was especially helpful because we would have gotten to the ferry location after hours and been forced to spend the night looking longingly across the lake at the place where we should have been.)

There you go: I can’t read, so I’m watching ER instead of writing about chicken.  See you tomorrow.